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For Amanda

Loosing Close Friends

It wasn't worth this.
Had I known that dating you,
and falling for you,
and holding you,
and loving you,
would have cost me a multi-year friendship
I never would have done it.

And yes, I know that neither of us could have foreseen it.
But, you should know that that is of no consolation.

Had I known how things were going to end --
that you would think me the worlds biggest ass for all the things I said, and
that I would think you a bitch and player for all the daggers you plunged into my back. . .
I would have been content to remain friends and have you yet in my life.

Unfortunatly we had to hook up,
and you had to respect my wishes not to tell me about other men,
and I had to wait until it was too late to tell you how I felt.

You should know that
I agree with you now
about us being doomed
we wouldn't have been right together.
You always off on assignment for whatever newspaper or mag you'd be writing for
me always shut up in my study working on books and waiting for your return because, you inspire me to write love poems
we both know I write horrible love poems
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