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Haven't been to write club in the past couple of weeks, i've been busy/sick....

I think i'll share this little free write I did the other night. Its kind of...I dunno, I have mixed feelings about it. I like the content but not really the style yet. It came difficultly like the writing equivilent of throwing up...It seems more lyrical then poetic, maybe kind of prose-ish...not sure what it is exactly. But i've talked enough about it is.

Do you still think of me
Do I still cross your mind
Even in these days?
And do you remember who I am
The way I wore darkness
Like a blanket
And gave you nothing to fear
As shadows wrapped around me
And I wrapped around you
Do you remember now?
Were we lost in those days
Misguided and falling
To our ends
And would things have been different
Such times have passed
There is no turning back
And no regret for things immutable
Have you forgotten this yet?
Was it so long ago
That everything shattered
And we were swept away
Was there reason for choking back words
Do you know me anymore?
Did you know me then
Or were all our efforts in vain
Doomed from the beginning
What am I to you now
What are you to me
Did we forget to remember
Or did we remember to forget
Will pieces always remain?

(c)2005 Richard T. Contreras

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