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not my best work; not even close, but i still like it.

"Fill in the blank", she says, "and tell me: I am ________"
I want to tell you that you are everything;
that you are not just a blank to be filled in like so much tabula rasa

that you are the universe -- so many things and yet so much blank space between
like the light years of vast nothingness from the sun to Alpha Centauri.

I want to tell you that you are a black hole for my thoughts which can not escape you.

That you breathe like the universe breathes; long and slow expanding outwards until you can do so no more
before inhaling and drawing everything back to you, becoming a singularity from whence a new universe will be born.

I want to tell you that your eyes are nebulas giving birth to stars so beautiful I can not look away,
but so hard to penetrate that all my hopes are shattered against their surface.


i'm considering a part two to the above which would focus instead of on universal themes (haha), upon mythology/history.

a few lines i've come up with so far:

I want to tell you that you are beautiful like sculptures of perfect Greek godesses
who moved over the waters like you did over me. Like perfect Greek goddesses broken and worn by man and time, still perfect by virtue of their memory.

If i were to write said poem in a coffee house, i'd probably incorporate a theme containing the line:

I want to tell you that you are a contradiction in terms,
like that kid who says he's a vegan for his health,
and then lights up another cigarette.
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