Steve Fekete (punkfrodo) wrote in thewritemood,
Steve Fekete

My new art

So as some people know, i have been hard at work on my newest art project.
My newest art project has been doing stencil work of various famous people, bands, and other things and painting it on different things.
Coming up this week is the grand valley renaissance festival festival on campus. I will be having a booth there where i will be selling these peices and offerning my services to do custom work for people.
I will do just about anything or any person provided i can get a good picture of them to work off of.
I am offering this to the lj community to have first dibs of the work or of any of these.
We can get literally any color (although some specalized colors cost more money for us to purchase.
We will do any of the ones we show here plus many more we will have at the booth this saturday and sunday specalized in any color scheme you would like.

These are all sprayed on vynil records, but we will spray on virtually any surface you would like from side packs and backpacks, breifcases, binders, cardboard, tables, skin, anything.

Records and stencils range usually from $10-$15 depending on complexity of stencil, amount of colors, and what not.
if your interested in one of these or want a custom one or one of these with your own colors or whatno let me know.

please note that i have been having problems with my digital camera so some of these pics (not the records) are blurry and the colors are a bit off. if you want to see the actual records i can show you on my time or you can show up to the booth next week.

Click the picture to enter the gallery of all the records

If the picture doesnt work, click this link
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